from by The Seraphim Veil



Featuring Ryan Marshman on guest vocals.


Cataclysmic decimation, of the human race
the world as know it begins to collapse
Consumed by dissension, chaos unleashed
My patience is has worn thin
Witness the death throes of this world

We've scaled the heights of the earth
Plunged to the depths of the sea
Constructed cities and progressed technology
What is it worth, when we can't find peace?

Are we alone, has god forsaken us?
The whole world tilting on its axis waiting to cave in
In blood and steel
We've forged our path

Misled, and moralities misconstrued
Bred to destroy, no will to create.

Feeding, mating, shitting and repeating
What deeper purpose is there in your existence?
Complacent and mindless, drones led astray


Pathetic cretins you are nothing
A collusion of flesh, bone and chemicals
Instinct compels your fragile human form as directionless wanderers
Staggering through this dead land, Stumbling through your waste
Your decaying skin drapes from your sun bleached bones
Lungs full with the ashes of the innocent
Bite your tongue, try to endure the pain
Foul, intoxicated blood seeps from your veins
Collapse into an ocean of corroded remains

I am at peace with death
I have lost all will to live, all will to exist
I march unto the grave

I submit to the unholy state of nothing
Accept the silence and emptiness of death
Just cease my suffering, end the torment of life

In our extinction, we would leave behind no peaceful legacy
Only shallow monuments and crumbling ruin
The end is near



from Orphan, released September 9, 2012



all rights reserved


The Seraphim Veil Melbourne, Australia

Hate inspired death metal from Melbourne's South East Suburbs.

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