from by The Seraphim Veil



Take me from this dying world
I am not one with those here
My eyes only see darkness
Cursed I wander alone

A hatred seething in my stomach, gestating a malevolent spawn
Through aching breathes
I force my final words

I gaze upon this world with a heart full of disgust
Our feeble crawling and frantic flailing
upon this planet displeases me

Nothing, seems to contain my growing hatred,
I am burdened with a mind full of suffering,
Weak and frail
I am not exempt
I can only be the observer and take record of all that I see

The impure essence of so called humanity, forever tainting my morality
Brewing inside the loathing grows stronger
My weakening body begins to quake

Erupting forth I vomit uncontrollably

The sickened expulsions of my unholy state
Internally I feel a shift as my rotting bowels begin to twist
I cannot contain this overwhelming burden of pain
Such loathing, where did it come from?
No mother bore this into her child
Only a world that cultivates disgust

Wretched cretins, I despise you
I cast you aside
You are all rats
Swarming this place
Pathetic creatures
I fucking despise you
Without sorrow I will watch as humanity burns

No care ever, for a race founded on disgust
Words will never truly describe the unfathomable contempt I feel
So much darkness resides within this human shell


from Orphan, released September 9, 2012



all rights reserved


The Seraphim Veil Melbourne, Australia

Hate inspired death metal from Melbourne's South East Suburbs.

For Shows Contact: theseraphimveil@live.com

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